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Immersive learning, virtual reality, the metaverse, AI, Web3 and other emerging technologies for learning… 

What type of VR is the best for your needs? What do teachers and materials writers need to know about learning in and with virtual reality? How can you integrate AI meaningfully? What should educational app or platform developers consider from a pedagogical perspective? How can you make sure you have considered ethical development principles and avoid unwanted consequences when building new products?

These are just some of the questions that I get asked frequently.

What are yours?

Nergiz provide independent, hype-free, objective advice, using my experiences in technology, education and business. 

▷ This is a one-off 60-minute life consultancy session for any questions* you have about immersive language learning.
It includes the live session and a follow-up email with a summary of the main points and links to any resources mentioned in the session.

*To make best use of the time, you will ideally have prepared a list of questions you want to ask, and sent it to me before we meet.

Nergiz Kern

Nergiz is a consultant and foresight practitioner on emerging technologies and learning futures. She works with EdTech companies and learning organisations on the pedagogically sound development and implementation of technology for learning.

She started exploring, teaching and training teachers in VR in 2008 in a virtual world that is seen as an early example of what the metaverse could look like.

Nergiz has onboarded hundreds of teachers worldwide to a virtual world and provided ongoing support. She has trained language teachers for a certificate course as part of a European Union project. She has also trained some of the language teachers of the UN.

She has also been the Head of Research and Immersive Learning Specialist of a VR language learning startup.

As a qualified futurist, she provides futures workshops to create and work towards desirable futures for language learning and teaching.

She has an MA in EdTech and TESOL, a postgraduate certificate in using 3D Multi-User Virtual Worlds in Education, a certificate as a futurist, and 20+ years of teaching experience. 

Read more about her qualifications and experience with immersive learning.

Nergiz has been sharing her knowledge and experiences with immersive learning widely since 2008. A lot of these resources are freely available on her website.

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